The Wingless Cafe

It started out as just a "war story" chat area, but right from the beginning the inhabitants started fleshing it out. The more inventive writers didn't just send a message: they walked into the Wingless Cafe and had conversations with people! They described the place, the characters, the ambiance. Detail after detail was added, via messages and stories, until the virtual world really began to take shape.

Stories began to be told: war stories (with much virtual hand waving as pilots describe the air-to-air combat), adventures, lies (naaaah, nobody ever lies), and so on. And people started building on other peoples' stories, using the same environment and scenery, challenged to stay consistent with one another. And everything, of course, based on the virtual world of Warbirds, an interactive online WW II flight simulation.

(For more information about Warbirds, go to iEN, iEN's web page.)

Toad, a Warbirds pilot from the very first free BETA (and not the Aiw Wawwiow toad), absolutely loved the place. He started writing down Warbirds-related fantasies to share with the other virtual pilots (and hopefully with the Warbirds designers), thoughts and stories of what their beloved online flight simulation could become, ideas, "what if" stuff. And funny stories, making fun of himself and other Warbirds pilots. And he too tried to make the Wingless Cafe a real place, picking up on and fleshing out hints and beginnings and themes the other writers were using .. and conceiving some of his own.

Most of the other pilots thought these Wingless tales were kind of funny, so Toad archived all the Wingless Cafe Forum messages up on the BBS in monthly archives, just for historical reference (and just in case the Pulitzer committee got really desperate some day).

Toad's decided to store them here as well, just in case something happens to the BBS. In these copies, he might have filtered out some of the chaff, the arguments, the flame wars, the really off-topic stuff. But it's mostly just funny stories. (Well, them and all the messages that begin with "Toad, you're a god!").

I maintain a copyright on all these files, of course, for Toad and the other authors, just as a general overall precaution. The original authors of any messages within each archive retain their own copyright as well. Toad gives you permission to download and keep a single copy of these files for your own personal information and amusement. You may not copy, distribute, or use the files, messages, text, etc. for any other purpose.

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Tales From The Wingless Cafe

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