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Area: E-mail Msg#: 24390 Date: 11-13-96 07:43
From: Witz To: Toad
Subj: The Wingless Cafe... as a


As an experiment I have set up the first and only Wingless Cafe MUSH - a virtual area you can explore as well as meet other WarBirders in. Just imagine having a beer in the bar, and getting it served by Debbie :)., well as having your squad's briefing in Toad's Hanger....

Since you have written such a substantial part of the Wingless stories, it would be great if you would be interested in designing your own areas for the Cafe. Send me an e-mail if you're interested and we will work it out.

The adress of the Wingless Cafe is: and the portnumber is:
Just connect using Telnet or your favourite MUD/MUSH-client.

To create your Wingless Cafe persona when you first log in, type create name password, where name is the name you wish to use in the Wingless, e.g Toad, and password is the password you wish to use. Please note that the password IS casse-sensitive and that it must be at least 5 characters long.

When you connect for the 2nd+ time, you substitute "create" with "connect", e.g connect Toad deicerisreallytasty.

To move around use the direction keys: w(est), e(ast), n(orth), s(outh). Please note that the Wingless is not finished yet - I have just created a few rooms - it needs your input too :)!

Try going into the bar and type "drink deicer"

For more commands, type help and hit enter.

//Witz (

--- and a mini-faq from Rickenbacker, "webified" by clever Toad ---

Hi guys. I've written a small thing on how to use the Wingless Cafe MUSH, any comments are welcome.


This goes out to:
The Independent Swedish Airforce

The Wingless Cafe MUSH Mini-FAQ.

A MUSH is basically a text-based roleplaying/adventure game over the Internet, so those of you who have played similar games (like the old Infocom text-based games) already know most of this.

To move around:

The chief way of moving around on the MUSH is by compass directions. When you look at a room you'll notice that is has exits, usually in some compass directions. Then, if you decide to move north, f.ex, just type n and hit Enter. Up is abbreviated u and down d.

Sometimes you'll see exits that aren't in compass directions, f.ex. "Rickenbacker's Hangar". To enter these just type in the name of the exit and hit Enter. Most of these have aliases, so you can abbreviate them, f.ex. you can enter Rick's hangar by typing either Rickenbacker's, Rick's or just rick.

To look around:

One very simple command here, l (ell). That's short for Look, and is the universal command for looking at things, reading signs etc. It takes arguments to look at different things: typing just a single L will look at the room you're in, typing L player will look at that player, if he's in the room also. You can also look at objects and exits this way.

To check out what you're carrying and how much money you have, type i (for Inventory).


There are a number of commands here, depending on who you wish to speak to.

To talk to people in the same room as you, use " (quotation mark) followed by your message (no spaces), then hit Enter. The message will be displayed to all the characters in that room, prefixed by your name says, "message".

To whisper something to an individual in the same room , use whisper name=message. Additional whispers to the same person can use only whisper message. Can be abbreviated as w. Paging works the same way, but the person doesn't have to be in the same room. Use page name=message to do that.

Emoting or posing lets other people know what your character is doing. The command is emote message, abbreviated : (colon). This will show the message you enter to people in the room prefixed by your name and a space. To emote without the space, use ; (semicolon).

Emitting shows a message to other people in the room without your name. This can be useful for showing other what happened to something you tossed on the floor, for having a nonexistent bartender giving you a drink, etc. The command is @emit message, abbreviated \\ (double backslash). Use this command with care though: making it seem like someone else said or did something they didn't is very bad form, and might get you kicked off the MUSH in extreme cases.

Chat channels are there for chatting about things that don't concern the MUSH and for sending messages to large groups of people. There's currently only channel 100 available on the Wingless MUSH, and to join it type @channel 100=on and hit Enter. The people on the channel will be notified that you just joined it.

To send on the channel type +channel message, in this case +100 message. Channel names can be abbreviated if you like, as long as the program can recognize the channel.


Attributes are the things that make up your character, such as name, description, sex and the like. Here are some attributes you'll want to set right away.

description (Anything you like)
sex (Male, Female or Neuter)
away (message shown to people paging you when you're not logged on)

To set these type @attribute name me=whatever.

This mini-FAQ written by Mats "Rickenbacker" Nylund,