Toad Speaks On Spam

"All you other pukes, don't go sending me any lousy spam. An upcoming project is in-depth research on mail bombs. Lousy spammers [ptui], may you rot in hell. Just wait and see, miserable lowlife scumbags, greedy bastiges, you'd sell yer mothers for a buck, payback's gonna be a mother!" [pant][pant]

Dynamite line

Toad's vision starts to red out as his blood pressure soars again, and he quickly chants a few relaxing mantras.

(Well, Toad's not a practicing Buddhist, but it doesn't hurt to cover all the bases, right?)



And if you want to read some _real_ masters' dissertation on spam, check out these guys at Alchemy Mindworks.

Absolutely my favorite people in the whole world. Well, maybe except for that demon they keep muttering about.