Toad's Web Links

Imagic Online Home page of the Warbirds flight sim

Hotel Oscar HomeBoy's most excellent Warbirds P51 web page, with excellent opponent info

WB Webring"Apple" Westlund's Warbirds Web Ring

Bino's Page The Exploits of Bino (a WarBirds pilot).

Silver Hill Paul E. Garber Preservation, Restoration, and Storage Facility

Special Forces and SOS Units A link to a previous career.


Aviation and warbird links!

Vietnam C-130 Emergency One HELL of a Vietnam Era C-130 war story, hit by AA, lost engine, wing on fire. Great photos, narrative, debriefing.

Sonny Reflections One hell of a writer, about Recon, Vietnam, etc.

American Traitor Bitch Hanoi Jane, who we all know and love.

Bumper Sticker I participated in the recent campaign by Vietnam vets to disprove the lies in the recent CNN "Tailwind" news program. More of Peter Arnett's lying.

World War Two German AFV History Another hobby: all you ever wanted to know about German WW II armor.

Ron W. Lim's SARGE! Very strange cartoons of a very strange character.

Vaughn Bode's Deadbone Another interesting cartoonist; alas, he died too young :-(

! WWW Most Wanted Sites: The best and most popular sites of the Net !

Get that spammer! Miserable pukes.

Dr. Cecil E. Greek's Bookmarks (An unbelievable bookmark page!)

Yahoo! - Computers and Internet:Graphics:Computer Animation:Animated GIFs

Badger's Animated Gif Gallery A huge image archive.

beer.thelinks A strange link page. (The cartoons are great!). Which bring us to ... Great comic strips (Doctor Fun, Fester the Rat, and more)

The Melonpool Website Three aliens, a telepathic dog and a five-foot-tall, 220-lb. hamster crash on Earth in a ship resembling a 108-ft mallard and get culture shock because it's nothing like TV.

great-white.jpg Toad's reason for Air-Sea-Rescue.

The Art Of War The definitive text on warfare (2000+ years old).

Bill Gates (Seig Heil!) Boy, sure hope Bill's still got a sense of humor.

Win98 Ad And just in case we haven't pissed Bill off enough already ... (Thanks, Mad Magazine!)

Wookie Theater A most strange Star War-ish home movies page!

Think As I Think Why one would be a toad. (Deep Thoughts)

The Worthless Page! Not all things must be deep and meaningful.

Marshmallow Bunnies The Scientific Method (extreme).

Imagination 101 Imagination 101.

Stuff Sites That Do Stuff.

Playtime The Online Toybox.

Why you..! Cursing in Swedish.

The Internet Explained Wonderfully true, slightly risque.

NORAD Tracks Santa Radar track, background information, more. (Functional only around Christmas eve.)

Christmas Greetings From The NRA Thanks to Mad Magazine.

The Warbirds Comic Really great Warbirds comics!

Joe's Cartoons Some really strange animation and cartoons.

Exploring an old Missile Silo!

How to write unmaintainable code. At last, the true professional's secrets!

Canadian World Domination unveiled!"