Last changed: 18 Jan 01
Added Java search engine {oooooooo!)

14 Jan 01
Added Oct, Nov, Dec 00 Tales.

11 Jan 01
Added Jul, Aug, Sep 00 Tales.
May - Jun Tales added earlier.

13 Nov 00
Added Mar, Apr 00 Tales.

21 Apr 00
Compiled Jan 00 and Feb 00 Tales.
Converting wingxxxx.txt files to wingxxxx.htm for nicer display.

03 Jan 2000
Added Aug-Dec Tales

30 Aug 99
Added Wingless Tales for May, Jun, Jul 99

05 Jun 99
Added Wingless Tales for Apr 99

14 May 99
Added SETI@home link.
Aha! [rubs hands together] The Nobel Prize is mine, mine, MINE!

21 Apr 99
Added Feb and Mar 99 Wingless Tales, WING9902.TXT and WING9903.TXT
Added my thoughts on the Trench Coat Mafia murders.

02 Feb 99
Added the Jan 99 Wingless Tales, WING9901.TXT

30 Jan 99
Added the Dec 98 Wingless Tales, WING9810.TXT

28 Nov 98
Broke up the Wingless Tales by year to shorten load time.
Added WING9810.TXT

13 Oct 98
Added WING9808.ZIP a while ago.
Added WING9809.ZIP, updated WINGSONG.
Users complained my host was not permitting access to my page! Some sort of muttering about using too much space. This is totally bogus, of course (I have 25MB of space allocated!). For an immediate fix, I removed all the .ZIP archives, leaving just the text files for browsing. (It seems more people like to browse than download.)

10 Aug 98
Added WING9807.ZIP (Trafalgar and more)

06 Aug 98
Added toadsong.txt to the Wingless Songbook.
(It has the notes, chords, for a singalong.)
Toad Hall is now part of the Humour Circle as well.

22 Jul 98
Fixed some broken links. (thanks, Pekka)

19 Jul 98
More Wingless Cafe archives (thru Jun 98)
Great new link

4 Apr 98
Added Wingless Cafe archives, Mar 98

10 Mar 98:
Added Wingless Cafe archives, Jan, Feb 98
Added plain-text files as well as .zip archives
24 Jan 97:
Added Warbirds WebRing link,
Some more nice Warbirds links.
19 Jan 97:
Added Wingless Cafe credits for, the web site),
and "WG", the "warbirds.general" news group.
Added Wingless Cafe archives, Nov, Dec 97.
2 Nov 97:
Added Wingless Cafe archives, Oct 97.
9 Oct 97:
Added that great digital photo of the house.
(Thanks, Ron Green!)
Added a little map to the local town.
Still haven't found a decent way
to get a real-time counter working.
6 Oct 97:
Had to rename everything to fit stupid 8.3 host formatting.
2 Oct 97:
Moved to, had to fix all the links.
Added new Debbie graphics. (Drink St Pauli Girl!)
Added Sep 97 Wingless Cafe archives.
7 Sep 97:
Added the MUSH page. Still figuring out the stupid CENTER command.
Think I finally got the Wingless Cafe Archives right.
Uploaded the 1997 files.
Fixed the HTML commands that will let you download those archives now.
(Thanks, snail.)